When it comes to deciding on what type of pillow to purchase, there are many options.  We have taken the time to review hundreds of pillows and have narrowed down your choices to the best pillows in each of the categories below.  So regardless of whether you are looking for a latex pillow, because you have neck or shoulder problems or want the plush feeling of a super soft memory foam pillow we have you covered.  So take the time to check out our pillow reviews below and upgrade your nights sleep.

Buckwheat Pillows

beans72-organic-buckwheat-pillowsBuckwheat pillows have been around for decades, they are quite popular in Japan and Asian countries and have slowly been catching on in the United States.  Buckwheat pillows are fantastic because they remain cool throughout the night, are excellent and lining up your head and neck and the buckwheat shells can be replaced when they start to break down.  If you are looking for an environmentally friendly pillow, that you can custom tailor to your firmness and loft, then look no further. Continue Reading.

Down Pillows

egyptian-bedding-goose-down-pillowIf you have ever spent a night in a luxury hotel room and remarked on how comfortable their pillows were, then chances are you have slept on down pillows.  Down pillows are some of the most desired pillows on the market, since they are incredibly soft and fluff up extremely well.  They are excellent for side and back sleepers who what the feeling of sinking into their pillow, while still retaining some support.  Down is a natural product that comes from the down or short fluffy feathers closest to a duck or gooses belly, they are super soft and you do not have to worry about feathers or quills poking through the pillow and poking you.  Continue Reading.

Feather Pillows

downluxe-doby-feather-pillowsIf you like the softness and loft of down pillows but simply cannot afford the price of a down pillow, then feather pillows are a great alternative.  Feather pillows provide many of the same benefits of down pillows, however they are stuffed with feathers from duck or geese.  The downside of feather pillows are that the feathers can sometimes come out of the shell or casing on these types of pillows and poke you.  That said, they are much more affordable than down pillows and are still considered premium pillows.  They are ideal for back and side sleepers who like a soft comfortable pillow.  Continue Reading.

Latex Pillows

malouf-z-gel-latex-pillowLatex Pillows are great because they do not retain heat well and stay relatively cool throughout the night.  They are fantastic for people with neck, shoulder or back problems, since they are super firm and support the head, neck and shoulders.  If you are looking for a super firm pillow, that provides a lot of comfort, then look no further than a latex pillow.  While latex pillows are a bit more expensive than a traditional pillow, they do not break down like standard pillows and can be easily wiped down and cleaned.  Continue Reading.

Memory Foam Pillows

sleep-innovations-cool-contour-memory-foam-pillowMemory foam pillows have really exploded onto the market recently, they are fantastic since they provide that supper plush and soft feeling that memory foam mattresses provide.  If you are looking for a soft plush pillow, that still provides support and won’t go flat or pancake like some down or feather pillows, then look into purchasing a memory foam pillow.  The other great benefit to memory foam pillows, is the fact that many manufactures now infuse their memory foam with gel, that helps to dissipate heat and keep the pillow cool.  Memory foam pillows are fantastic for side and back sleepers and there are even some lower profile memory foam pillows for stomach sleepers as well. Continue Reading.