Are Innerspring Mattresses Good Or Bad?

One question that often comes up is whether Innerspring mattresses are outdated and whether it still makes sense to buy an innerspring mattress?  All too often consumers get caught up in the hype of the latest memory foam mattress or hybrid mattress and think that innerspring mattresses are dead.

So What Are Innerspring Mattresses?

gramercy-innerspring-mattressBefore we go forward, let’s take a brief moment to define what exactly is an innerspring mattress.  So, an innerspring mattress is a mattress that has coils, either individually wrapped or wired together that act as the main core to support your body weight.  Innerspring mattresses have been around the longest and high quality innerspring mattresses are still very much in demand today.  Just like any other type of mattress, there are good quality innerspring mattresses and there are bad quality ones.

What Makes A Good Quality Innerspring Mattress?

When it comes to mattresses there are a few things you want in a mattress, you want a mattress that will support you and keep your spine in alignment, you also want a mattress that is comfortable and you also want a mattress that is durable and will not wear out in a couple of years.  When we talk about what makes a good innerspring mattress, we want a mattress that ideally has 700+ individually wrapped coils and that also uses high quality steel springs.  We want individually wrapped coils, because they allow each spring to act independently, spreading out a persons body weight while they sleep.  We are looking for high quality steel springs, because they will allow our innerspring mattress to last a long time.  In fact with regular care and getting your mattress professionally cleaned every few years, it is not uncommon to have an innerspring mattress last you 25 years or longer.


How To Shop For An Innerspring Mattress

1. Quality Manufacture – The first thing you want to make sure before you purchase an innerspring mattress, is to make sure that the manufacture has been around for a number of years and warranties their product.  There are a lot of cheap innerspring mattresses that have flooded the market, who do not warranty their product or go out of business after a few years.

2. Individually Wrapped Coils- High quality innerspring mattresses will have hundreds of individually wrapped coils.  Not only do individually wrapped coils give you a more comfortable nights sleep, but it also helps your mattress to last longer, reducing sagging and other issues.

3. Consider Hybrid Innerspring Mattresses – Believe it or not there are a lot of good quality hybrid innerspring mattresses, that offer extreme comfort, and quality.  Hybrid innerspring mattresses generally have a innerspring core, followed by a layer of high density foam and finally a top 1-2 inch layer of memory foam.  The great thing about a hybrid mattress, is the fact that they cost less than a full memory foam mattress, but you still get some of the same benefits from it.

4. Ability To Choose Your Desired Firmness – One nice thing about innerspring mattresses, is the fact that they come in many different firmness’s.  The gauge of the innerspring coils, will delegate how firm your mattress is, in addition to any type of top layers, such as memory foam or cotton padding.

What Are The Cons Of An Innerspring Mattress?

1. Prone to Sagging- Over time with your bodies natural weight, your mattress will begin to sag or have depressions in it.  This is unfortunately one of the downfalls to innerspring mattresses and once your mattress starts to sag, you will want to replace it.  Luckily you should get many years of use out of your mattress before you have to worry about sagging or depressions in your mattress.

2. Can Squeak – If your partner shifts around a lot in their sleep or you have an older innerspring mattress, you may discover that it can squeak.  There really is no way to stop this from happening, individually wrapped coils will help a bit, but compared to a memory foam or latex mattress that doesn’t squeak, it can be annoying.

3. Some Innerspring Mattresses Can’t Be Flipped – In the past one of the ways to reduce sagging and get more life out of your innerspring mattress was to flip it over.  However, many of the mattresses these days are not designed to be flipped and have layers of memory foam or padding on one side.

4. High Quality Innerspring Mattresses Can Be Expensive – Super high quality innerspring mattresses, that have layers of memory foam, and quilted covers, can still be quite expensive.  Of course you are getting a premium mattress, but near the higher end of innerspring mattresses, you may at least want to consider your other options.

5. Heavy And Not Easy To Transport – Due to the steel springs that makeup an innerspring mattress, they can be quite heavy, sometimes requiring two people to move in and out of your bed.  So if you are someone that likes to clean under your bed and remove your mattress, it can be difficult.  Also, unlike memory foam mattresses and even some latex mattresses that can be rolled up.  Innerspring mattresses cannot be rolled up and maintain their original shape.  So if you move a lot, you either may have to tie the mattress to the top of your car, rent a moving van or hire professional movers to move your mattress.


So hopefully you have a better sense of what are innerspring mattresses and whether they make sense for you.  In terms of our readers original question, of whether innerspring mattresses are still good.  The answer is, absolutely, provided you purchase a good quality innerspring mattress, from a reputable manufacture.  There is a lot to like about innerspring mattresses, from the fact that they come in a variety of firmness levels, to the fact that many of the higher end innerspring mattresses allow you to get many of the same benefits of a memory foam mattress, without spending as much on a mattress.  Like any mattress there are some downfalls as well, that you should be aware of.  But innerspring mattresses are far from dead and millions of people still trust innerspring mattresses to give them a restful nights sleep.



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