Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews For 2017

Inner-spring-mattressesInnerspring mattresses are probably the most common types of mattresses on the market, they predate memory foam mattresses, air and latex mattresses.  Innerspring mattresses have dozens of springs or tiny coils in the mattress that help cushion you and support you while you sleep.  Chances are you may even currently have an innerspring mattress and are either looking to replace it, because it has gotten old or you simply purchased a larger bed and are now in need of a new mattress.

To make things a little easier for you, we have compared over a hundred different innerspring mattresses from all types of brands and have come up with what we consider the top 10 innerspring mattresses on the market.  You will want to check out our comparison table below and reviews on the various innerspring mattresses.  When ordering, make sure that you are purchasing the correct size of mattress for your bed, innerspring mattresses come in a variety of sizes.  Common sizes for innerspring mattresses include, twin, twin XL, queen, king and California king sized mattresses.

Top 10 Innerspring Mattresses For 2017

#Brand & ModelHeightCoil GaugeCoil CountOur RatingPrice
1Classic Brands Gramercy14"13768⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️$$$
2Classic Brands Mercer12"13768⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️$$$
3Signature Sleep Contour10"15480⭐️⭐️$
4Signature Sleep Signature13"13.5744⭐️⭐️⭐️$$
5Zinus Sleep Master Ultima13"12690⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️$$
6Zinus Performance Plus10"tbc690⭐️⭐️⭐️$$
7Zinus Night Therapy Spring13"12690⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️$$$
8Englander Finale Mattress10"14Unknown⭐️⭐️⭐️$$
9Dreamfoam Spring Dreams9"15800⭐️⭐️$
10Classic Brands Advantage8"tbc768⭐️⭐️$

Comfort Layer

The comfort or upholstery layers are the top layer of the mattress itself and is made up of various foams and other materials to provide the cushioning that you feel when you sleep on it.  More expensive mattresses may also include a top comfort layer made up of gel memory foam or similar cushioning material, almost as a hybrid design.

Support Layer

The support layer of the mattress really is the bones of the mattress.  It is the inner springs that determine how firm or soft the mattress is and also provide the main support while you are sleeping.  You want to not only examine the number of springs in the support layer of the mattress you are considering purchasing, but also what type of gauge the wire is.  Besides the comfort area, this is one of the more important parts of an innerspring mattress and while largely make-up the cost of the mattress.


The 4 Different Types Of Mattress Coils

Since we just discussed the support layer, now is an excellent time to discuss the types of coils found in most innerspring mattresses.

1. Open Coils

innerspring-mattress-coilsThe open coil design is commonly referred to as the Bonnell, this design has been around for decades and for a long time the most common type of mattress springs.  The design consists of multiple hour glass shaped springs, that are then twisted together to form an intricate weaving of the mattress.  The bonnell springs are most commonly found on the more affordable mattresses, because these types of innerspring mattresses are cheaper to design and manufacture than some of the other types of coil types that we will be discussing.  Open coils provide average support, motion isolation and durability, but if you try to drop a bowling ball on the bed, you are going to notice a lot of motion transfer, simply because of the way these coils are interlocked.

2. Offset Coils

Going up in comfort you will come across offset coil mattresses.  These types of mattresses have a similar design of hourglass shape that the bondell spring mattresses have, however each spring is hinged together with helical wire.  This design helps provide less motion transfer and generally gives you a more solid feeling mattress. The coils themselves are designed to hinge as your body puts pressure on the individual coils, this also cuts down on noises and other squeaks that can sometimes occur on innerspring mattresses.

3. Continuous Coils

Continuous coil mattress consist of rows of coils that are formed from a single piece of wire.  These types of mattress springs are shaped, instead of coiled and can provide for a vary stable and solid foundation.

4. Pocket Spring

pocket-spring-mattressPocket spring mattresses are generally considered one of the best innerspring mattresses you can purchase.  They are sometimes referred to as wrapped coils or marshall coils and are thin-gauge, barrel-shapped coils that are individually wrapped in their own fabric pocket.  Each coil is independent of each other so you have no motion transfer, like you would with other innerspring mattresses.  The great thing about this type of mattress is you don’t have any transfer between sides of the bed, since each spring is separate from all of the rest.

What Is Coil Count And Why Is It Important?

One of the first things you will often hear on mattress commercials or in print advertising is the coil count on innerspring mattresses.  Basically the coil count, is the number of individual springs that make up the support layer of the mattress.  In most cases beds with a larger coil count, are going to give you a more comfortable nights sleep and support you better.  These day’s it is not uncommon for beds to have 700 or even 1400+ coils that make up the innerspring mattress.  Though it is important to note, that you should not only pay attention to coil count, but also the coil gauge.  If the gauge of the wire springs that makeup the bed is really thin, then even if it has more coils than a bed that has thicker coils, it may not be better.

What Is Coil Gauge?

Coil gauge refers to the thickness of the springs inside of an innerspring mattress.  You maybe wondering, why it’s important to consider the coil gauge if you will never see the coils anyway?  The main reason that coil gauge is important is because it plays a large part in the firmness of a mattress.  Traditional innerspring wires range from the thickest 12.5 gauge wire to 16 or even 18 gauge wires being the thinnest used in mattresses.  Remember the smaller the number or thicker the wire the more firm the mattress will be.  In general, if you are looking for a very firm mattress try to stick between a coil gauge of 12 to 12.5.  If you are looking for a medium firm mattress look for a 13 to 13.5 gauge mattress. And if you are looking for a soft or very soft mattress look for a 14 or above gauge wire mattress.  Besides coil design and coil type, the coil gauge is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a new mattress.


2017 Innerspring Mattress Reviews

Classic Brands Gramercy

gramercy-innerspring-mattressThe classic brands Gramercy bed is a full 14 inches thick, and it uses some of the latest innerspring technology.  From the wrapped coil innerspring system, to gel-infused memory foam top, this bed was made to deliver the best in comfort.  The coils themselves are 13 gauge, providing for a medium firmness and along with the memory foam upper, provide for a comfortable night sleep.  The mattress itself is made of CertiPUR-US certified memory foam, which is antimicrobial in nature and it resists allergens, mold, bacteria and dust mites.  Backed by a 10 year warranty, this is a mattress that you can expect to have around for a long time and the price is extremely affordable and when compared to leading brands of mattresses is right up there with them.  Another key selling feature of this mattress is the fact that it can be used with adjustable beds, which not many innerspring mattresses are able to do, traditionally you would have to go with a memory foam mattress to be used with an adjustable bed.

Classic Brands Mercer

classic-brands-mercer-mattressThe classic brands mercer is another top choice from a proven bedding manufacture.  This bed is also a hybrid design utilizing the latest 13 gauge individual wrapped innerspring’s and a combination gel-infused memory foam upper.  The bed itself actually has four separate memory and foam layers, helping to dissipate heat and transfer body weight while you sleep.  The top gel infused memory is .5 inches thick, followed by a .25 inch comfort foam layer, followed by a third layer of .25 inch thick comfort foam, and then finally a much denser .5 inch support foam that sits on top of the individually wrapped mattress springs.  It has a extremely elegant quilted pillow-nit top.  And the entire bed is made up of high quality CertiPUR-US certified memory foam, which naturally resists mold, bacteria and dust mites. With a 13 inch gauge spring, this bed gives you a medium firm mattress and it truly feels fantastic to sleep in with the memory foam upper.  It comes with a 10 year warranty and also can be used with adjustable beds.

Signature Sleep Contour

signature-sleep-contour-innerspring-mattressThe Signature Sleep Contour is one of the most affordable mattresses we have reviewed.  The mattress itself has a 15 gauge pocket coil innerspring system, which is surprising considering the low cost of this particular mattress.  And the fact that on the top and bottom it has high density foam, offering you a bit more cushioning.  While we wouldn’t recommend this particular bed for everyday use.  It can be a great budget alternative for a guest room, where you want to offer your guests a fairly comfortable nights sleep, but don’t want to spend a fortune.  It is worth noting, that while this bed does have a pocket inner spring mattress, you really can’t compare it to a high quality innerspring pocket mattress.  Virtually all of the higher quality pocket spring inner mattresses, have gel-infused memory foam tops and are quite luxurious.

Signature Sleep Signature

signature-sleep-signature-spring-mattressThe signature sleep signature mattress, is a 13 inch mattress, with a full 1 inch foam pillow top.  The mattress fabric is a soft, but durable bamboo fabric that helps to absorb moisture, resulting in a dry restful sleep.  Each of the coils are individually wrapped in a pocket coil formation, and the bed itself uses 13.5 gauge coil wire.  You can purchase the bed in either a full size, king or queen size.  So while that covers most of the sizes of mattresses, if you are looking for a twin or twin XL you are out of luck.  However if you are looking for a comfortable mattress, that isn’t going to cost you a small fortune, then this can be an excellent choice.  Additionally if you have a memory foam topper, this bed is an excellent option, since it provides plenty of support and isn’t too thick.

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima

zinus-master-ultra-spring-mattressThe Zinus Sleep Master Ultima, really lives up to it’s name, it is a full 13 inches high and consists of multiple layers of memory foam, on top of a traditional coil base.  The bed itself consists of a patented iCoil design, which has individually wrapped pocket springs.  On top of the innerspring base, you also have two layers of presure relieving comfort foam, and another higher density foam base layer.  The bed uses 12 inch gauge coils, to provide you a firm mattress feeling, but with the soft foam upper layers, you really get a semi firm feeling when you sleep.  It’s also worth noting, that the mattress also comes in an 8, 10 and 12 inch height, so if you have a tall box-spring you want to put the mattress on and are concerned about height there are a few other options.

Zinus Performance Plus

zinus-performance-plus-innerspring-mattressThis Zinus performance plus mattress, not only has individually wrapped springs, but also a full 1.5 inches of comfort foam on the top of the mattress.  In addition there is also a full 1 inch high density foam support layer, providing you ultimate comfort at an affordable price.  The mattress itself is back by Zinus’s 10 year warranty which is pretty standard for most mattresses.  Not to mention the very plush quilted top cover.  For not a lot of money you can get a fantastic mid level bed from a proven manufacture in the sleep space.

Zinus Night Therapy Spring 13″ Deluxe Mattress

zinus-night-therapy-mattressThe Zinus night therapy mattress is 13 inches thick and has pressure relieving comfort foam and a fiber quilted cover in addition to several layers of high-density foam to provide for a comfortable nights sleep.  The mattress itself is built with heavy 12 gauge wire, making it an extremely firm bed, which is perfect for individuals with back problems that have issues with softer beds.  Not to mention that each 7.5 inch spring is individually wrapped it it’s own pocket, helping to reduce motion transfer, like you would experience with other innerspring mattress designs.  For side and back sleepers who are looking for a firm mattress, this should be one of your top choices.

Englander Finale Mattress

englander-finale-mattressThe Englander Finale offers a full 10 inch innerspring mattress that is proudly made in the United States.  They use 14 gauge steel springs that make for a softer bed, and only use the best CertiPUR-US certified materials for the construction of the mattress. With an affordable price and a plush quilted cover, this makes a fantastic bed for everyday use or a spare guest room.  Not only that but each spring is individually wrapped in it’s own pocket, which is pretty rare to find in such an affordable mattress.

Dreamfoam Bedding Spring Dreams 9 Inch Mattress

dream-foam-spring-dreamsThe Dreamfoam bedding spring dreams not only has 800 individually wrapped springs, providing for excellent motion isolation, but also has a quilted foam top.  The springs themselves are sandwiched between the quilted foam bottom and upper, and a really nice thing about this bed is the fact that it is reversible, so that you can flip it upside down to give yourself even more use.  The bed itself comes with a 10 year warranty, and it’s proudly made in the USA from top quality materials.  For a solid well built bed, that won’t cost you a lot, this is an excellent option.

Classic Brands Advantage

classic-brands-advantageIn finishing out our 2017 innerspring mattress reviews, we would be remiss if we didn’t at least mention the Classic Brands Advantage mattress.  This particular mattress is extremely affordable, but offers many features found in mid tier mattresses.  The mattress springs themselves are each individually wrapped and made of solid 13 gauge tempered steel, for optimal comfort.  Being a 13 gauge solid steel coil constructed bed, it has a medium firmness.  It even has a very nice quilted cover.  All in all, if you are a single guy looking for a fairly comfortable bed or are just looking for a bed for a spare room, this can be a great option.  While it can’t compare to one of the more expensive beds we have reviewed, it certainly does have a place in our top ten list of innerspring mattresses for the year 2017.


When deciding on the best innerspring mattress, we not only consider price, but also quality of construction, materials and overall comfort.  In the past innerspring mattress makers could get away with using high quality pocket constructed springs and a nice quilted cover, however that is no longer the case.  These day’s consumers are increasingly looking toward hybrid beds that provide the support that innerspring mattresses can provide, with the comfort of memory foam mattresses.

gramercy-innerspring-mattressThat is why we have come to the conclusion that the Classic Brands Gramercy is one of the top 10 innerspring mattresses for 2017.  Not only does the mattress use the latest pocket spring technology, allowing for more isolation and preventing cross motion transfer when two people are sleeping in the bed.  But they also have a whopping 768 individual springs of 13 gauge wire, giving you a semi firm comfortable mattress. But what really stands out is their use of gel-memory foam on the top of the bed, which really gives you a quality comfortable nights sleep.  And the fact that it can be used with adjustable beds is really just icing on the cake.