Best Down Pillows For 2017

If you are looking for a big fluffy and luxurious pillow that you just sink into, then a down pillow can certainly provide them.  Down pillows are filled with feathers, which naturally fluff up.  Compared with other types of pillows down pillows generally cost a bit more and are comfortable for all sleeping positions, due to the fact they are moldable.  In fact some of the really high end hotels offer down pillows to their guest, simply because they are so luxurious.

Top 10 Down Pillows For 2017

#Brand & ModelTypeFill PowerThread CountSleep PositionPrice
FineFeather Hugarian Goose DownGoose700330Back, Side$$
2FineFeather Hugarian Goose DownGoose700300Back, Side$$
3PureDown 600 Fill Count Set Of 2Goose600233Back, Side$
4Royal Hotel Bedding Firm Down PillowsGoose750500Back,Side,Stomach$$
5East Coast Bedding White Goose Pillow Set (2)Goose800400Back,Side$$$
6eLuxurySupply Extra SoftDuck525230Stomach$
7Cuddledown 700 Soft Goose Down PillowGoose700450Back,Side$$
8Egyptian Bedding Goose Down PillowGoose7501200Back,Side$$
9SnuggleSoft Hugarian Goose Down PillowGoose800340Back,Side$$$
10Pinzon HypoallergenicDuck550400Back,Side$$

Types Of Down Pillows

When it comes to down pillows, there are two main different types, either goose or duck.  Typically you will find duck down pillows because they are cheaper to manufacture and thus more readily available and offer many of the same advantages as goose down pillows.

Duck Down Pillows

duck-down-pillowsDuck down pillows are much more common, since the clusters of feathers are much smaller than geese and they can also come from younger birds.  Duck down pillows offer most of the benefits of goose down pillows, but are much more affordable and thus more widely available.  The only drawback of duck down pillows are they will generally not last as long as goose down pillows.

Goose Down Pillows

goose-down-pillowsGoose down pillows are considered the cream of the crop, they are the more expensive of the two pillow types, but there are also some benefits of goose down pillows.  For starters goose clusters are generally much larger and come from older more mature birds, and thus has a higher fill power.  Goose down pillows tend to be a little more plus hand fluffy than duck down pillows.  Another thing to consider is if you have allergies or asthma, you may want to go with a goose down pillow, simply because the feathers themselves tend to be a little cleaner and have less residual odors.  Though these days, the vast majority of manufactures clean and sanitize the feathers pretty well, so you rarely even experience odor problems.

Pros and Cons of Down Pillows

If you have never had a down pillow or aren’t sure if they are worth the additional cost, then you will want to pay attention to this section as we will be covering some of the pros and cons associated with down pillows.


1. Fluffy & Plush – One of the best features of down pillows are the fact that they can be fluffed up easily and the pillows do not wear out over time, like some other types of pillows.

2. Perfect For Stomach Sleepers – The ability to shape the pillow, makes it ideal for stomach sleepers.

3. Washable – Unlike some types of pillows that you cannot wash, you are able to take your down pillows to your local dry cleaner where they will remove the feathers and wash the pillow itself.


1. Expensive – Down pillows tend to be a bit more expensive than other types of pillows like memory foam pillows or buckwheat pillows.  Though prices of down pillows have come down over the years, they are still relatively expensive.

2. Less Firm – Down pillows are not the best for individuals with back pain problems or someone who needs plenty of support, since they are super fluffy and you sink down into them.  They can also pancake and go flat under a lot of pressure.  In fact if you want to sit up and read in bed, you will likely need another traditional pillow under your down pillow, so you are positioned upward.

3. Not Machine Washable – While down pillows are washable, most manufactures do not recommend you washing them in your home washing machine.  Typically you have to take your down pillow to your dry cleaners and they will have to remove the feathers from your pillow and then wash the outer case, put the feathers back in the pillow and re-sew it.  There are some people that claim you can machine wash a down pillow in the washing machine and then throw it in your dryer on a low setting with some tennis balls and it will come out fine.  And we have tried it on some of our down pillows and they come out just fine, but you do run the risk of some of the feathers not drying completely and water and odors lingering from the wet feathers.

4. Heat Retention – Feathers do an excellent job of retaining heat, so during hot summer months you may find sleeping on a down pillow to be hot and even perhaps slightly uncomfortable.

Down Pillow Basics

When it comes to purchasing a down pillow there are three basic things you want to compare and know about before deciding on which pillow to purchase.  The first thing you should consider, is what type of filling you want (either goose or duck), next you want to check out the fill power and finally you want to compare the thread count of the pillows.

Choosing A Filling

When it comes to buying a down pillow you have two main options to choose from, either purchasing a goose or duck down pillow.  In general if you are looking for a down pillow and want to spend a little less, then you will most likely want to go with a duck down pillow, since they are more common and cost less to produce.  If you are looking for the best of the best in terms of down pillows and are looking for a pillow that will fluff up a bit more and last you longer, then go with a goose down pillow.  In terms of comfort, both types of pillows are exceptional and you will find them comfortable to sleep on.

Fill Power

Fill power you will run across quite a lot when looking at down pillows, but you maybe wonder what exactly it is or are unsure of what it means.  Fill power is basically a measurement of the amount of space that one (1) ounce of down will occupy in cubic inches to get the maximum loft.  For example if your pillow has an 800 fill power, that means it will loft to 800 cubic inches.  The higher the fill power the larger the down cluster and the higher loft you will get and more comfort you will get from that pillow.

Thread Count

Thread count is basically the measurement of the number of threads woven into a square inch, in general the higher the thread count the more luxurious and softer the case/pillow will be.  Most of the pillows you will find will have a thread count between 200 and 400, just know that the higher the number is the softer the pillow will be.

Down Pillow Reviews

FineFeather 100 % Hungarian White Goose Down

finefeather-hungarian-goose-down-pillowThis FineFeather pillow is perfect for someone who wants a premium down pillow and isn’t afraid to pay a bit more for it.  It’s casing is a luxurious soft 330 thread count, made of 100% cotton damask shell and is proudly made in the USA.  It comes in standard, queen or king sizes and is allergy free.  If you are looking for a pillow that provides plenty of fluff and comfort from it’s 700 fill rating, then this goose down pillow is for you.


Continental Bedding Superior 700 Hungarian White Goose Down

continental-hungarian-goose-down-pillowThe Continental bedding Hungarian white goose down pillow, comes in all three sizes, from standard, queen and king.  It’s a 700 fill down pillow, with a very plush 300 thread count cotton cover that makes it luxurious to sleep on and provides excellent fluffing and cushioning.  Like most down pillows, it does flatten, so if you are used to a firm pillow this probably isn’t going to be right for you, however for those sleepers who enjoy a pillow that is fluffy and provides plenty of cushion then this is a great option.  It’s a great pillow for back or size sleepers that enjoy a pillow that you really sink down into.

PureDown 600 Fill Power Goose Down (Set Of 2).

PureDown-Down-PillowsThese PureDown 600 fill pillows are some of the most affordable down pillows you can purchase, with this set you actually get two pillows.  Each pillow is made of 75% grey goose down and 25% feathers, and are rated at 600 fill power.  The outer shell is 100% cotton, with a 233 thread count, which isn’t bad, considering the price and still offers a comfortable night sleep.  You should however be aware that this isn’t a 100% goose down pillow and does have some feathers in it, so it won’t fluff as much as a 100% goose down pillow.

Royal Hotel Bedding Firm Down Pillows (Set Of 2)

royal-hotel-goose-down-pillowsRoyal Hotel Goose down pillows, really live up to their name with their 500 thread count cotton cover and 750 down fill power.  They are also priced exceptionally well, you would be hard pressed to find another pair of pillows for the same price, that are made as nice as these pillows.  They are listed as a firm pillow, but we would classify them more as a medium/firm pillow, since you do sink into them and they are down pillows after all.  One thing to note is they are 75% down and 25% small feather, so they aren’t 100% down pillows, but for the price, you really are getting a pair of top quality pillows for not a lot of money.

East Coast Bedding – European 800 Fill Power White Goose Down Pillow Set (2)

East-Coast-Bedding-PillowsEast Coast Bedding offers high end hotel type pillows, that you can use in your home.  If you are looking for a luxurious nights sleep, for not a terrible lot of money, then these European 800 fill power white goose down pillows are going to be what you want to purchase.  They come in three sizes, standard, queen and king sized pillows and you do get a set of two, perfect to plunk right down on your bed.  With a 400 thread count 100% cotton fabric, the pillows are super soft and luxurious and offer a feeling that you are floating on clouds.

eLuxurySupply Extra Soft

The ELuxurySupply is a duck down pillow made specifically for stomach sleepers.  It is rated at 525 down fill power and is quite luxurious to sleep on.  In fact stomach sleepers consider it one of the best down pillows they have purchased, since it provides the right amount of comfort and also lays flat, which is extremely important if you are a stomach sleeper. It also does not retain a lot of heat and has a 100% cotton cover, making it an all around elegant pillow.  Another nice thing about this particular duck down pillow, is the fact it is 100% down, so you don’t have to worry about feathers poking through, which can be a real nuisance.

Cuddledown 700 Soft Goose Down Pillow

cuddletown-700-goose-down-pillowThe cuddledown goose pillows come in four different sizes and four different firmness levels, this particular pillow is their soft goose down pillow.  It has hypoallergenic 700 fill power European white goose down fill, so you don’t have to worry about pesky feathers poking you through the pillow.  Another nice thing about this particular pillow is the fact that is has a very soft and luxurious 450 thread count cover.  For back and side sleepers this pillow is ideal, providing just the right amount of support and comfort at a price that you can afford.

Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow

egyptian-bedding-goose-down-pillowEgyptian bedding is a no fuss, 750 fill power white goose down pillow.  It has a super luxurious 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton cover. All of there goose down is washed, so you don’t have an odor and it’s one of the most affordable goose down pillows we have reviewed.  The only downside is that it’s manufactured in China, so if you are looking for a USA made product, this pillow probably isn’t for you.  But for everyone else, who is looking for a decent quality goose down pillow at an affordable price, this is an excellent pillow to choose.

Snuggle Soft 800 Goose Down Pillow – Standard Size – Medium 

snuggle-soft-pillowSnuggle soft offers several different firmness’s to choose from, this one is their medium firmness pillow.  It has an impressive 800 fill power and is made of Hugarian white goose down.  What really sets these pillows apart is their 340 thread count 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton outer cover, that has a pearl white sateen shell.  It comes with a 10 year product guarantee, and is made in the USA.  What is really unique about this manufacture is their commitment to a comfortable nights sleep, and that starts with their “perfect pillow policy” which allows you to make free pillow adjustments up to one density level for up to a full year.  So if you get your Snuggle Soft pillow and find out that it’s either too firm or not firm enough to your liking, you can send it back to snuggle soft and they will either add or take out goose down to hopefully give you the perfect pillow.  The only negative thing we can possibly say about the Snuggle Soft pillow, is that it’s a little pricey.  However with Goose down pillows you really do get what you pay for and the price is not too out of line.

Pinzon Hypoallergenic White Duck Down Pillow

pinzon-down-pillowsThese Pinzon hypoallergenic pillows have a 550 fill down, which isn’t the highest fill pillows we have reviewed, but not bad.  It has a 100% outer cotton shell, with a 400 thread count cotton stripped dobby cover.  The company does claim their products are machine washable and dryable, however as with most down pillows you probably want to dry clean them.  That said, if you are looking for a quality comfortable pillow, then the Pinzon hyopallergenic white duck pillows could be just what you are looking for.  The only other thing to mention is that it’s made of 75% white down duck, and 25% down fiber fill.


When it comes to getting a restful nights sleep, we recognize that having the proper pillow is just as important as having the proper mattress.  For decades down pillows have been the only choice of pillow for higher end hotels, because they fluff up so well and provide a feeling that you are sleeping on a giant cloud.  When it comes to sleeping on an ordinary pillow or even memory foam pillow and a quality goose down pillow, there really are no comparisons.

royal-hotel-goose-down-pillowsFor 2017 our top down pillow pick had to be the Royal Hotel Bedding Firm Down Pillows (Set Of 2) not only do you get two pillows, which most people want anyway.  But their pillows are goose down pillows which are some of the finest pillows you can get, 750 fill power and have a 500 thread count cover.  For the price and quality of the product you get, we found them to be an excellent purchase.  So pick up a pair of Royal Hotel pillows and start sleeping in luxury, it is a purchase that you won’t regret.