Best Buckwheat Pillows For 2017

When it comes to pillows, you have several options from memory foam pillows, latex pillows to down pillows another option is buckwheat pillows.  Buckwheat pillows are created from the shells of buckwheat, that provide plenty of support and are great at regulating temperature.  The buckwheat hulls inside the pillow, allow air to flow freely throughout the pillow, keeping it cool throughout the night.  And if you have spine or neck problems, sleeping on a buckwheat pillow can be quite ideal, since the buckwheat hull move in line with your neck and head and will remain in one shape.

Top 5 Buckwheat Pillows For 2017

#Brand & ModelCoverRefillableOur RatingPrice
1Qbedding PiloMio 100% CottonYes⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️$$
2Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow - Queen Size100% CottonYes⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️$$
3Comfy Comfy - ComfySleep Buckwheat Pillow 100% CottonYes⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️$$$
4Hullo Buckwheat Pillow100% CottonYes⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️$$$
5Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow65% polyester
35% cotton.

Pros and Cons Of Buckwheat Pillows

Before you jump right into purchasing a buckwheat pillow, you should be at least aware of some of the benefits and some of the negatives associated with buckwheat pillows, to make an educated purchasing decision. While buckwheat pillows have been around for decades, they are not as widely sold as say down pillows or memory foam pillows.


 1. Cool Temperature – If you have tried down or memory foam pillows and have found that they tend to get hot throughout the night and are looking for a pillow that remains cool or cold, then buckwheat pillows are a great option.  The buckwheat hulls allow ideal airflow to move throughout the pillow, which is great for moving heat away from your head and keeping the pillow cool throughout the night.

2. Long Lifespan – Unlike traditional pillows that tend to wear out over time, the great thing about buckwheat pillows is you can have a pillow for over 10 years and it can still be as good as the day you purchased it.  The great thing about buckwheat pillows, is you can easily add or remove buckwheat.  So while buckwheat shells do break and crush over time, you can easily remove the broken shells and add new ones.

3. Ideal Support – Buckwheat pillows are great because they can move around and line up your head and neck for optimal alignment.  The other nice thing about buckwheat pillows are the fact that you can add additional buckwheat hulls to the pillow, if you are looking for a more firm pillow or simply more loft or a higher pillow.


1. Heavy – Buckwheat pillows can be substantially heavier than your typical down or feather pillow.  It is not uncommon to find buckwheat pillows that weigh anywhere from 5 upwards of 10 pounds.  So if you are one that wants a light pillow that you can move around and position, you may not find buckwheat pillows to be ideal.

2. Cleaning Concerns- Buckwheat pillows take a lot more time to clean than most other pillows, additionally if you clean the buckwheat in water and mild soap and don’t dry them thoroughly, they can develop musty odors and begin to rot. It isn’t to say you cannot remove all of the buckwheat from the shell or casing and clean the casing and then put the buckwheat in or fresh buckwheat, it just takes a bit more time and care.

3. Noisy – The buckwheat shells shifting and rubbing against each other can be quite noisy and you may find it not ideal.  Some people claim it can actually drown out ambient noises and aren’t bothered by it, but most people at least notice the noise.

4. Hard buckwheat surface –  Buckwheat shells by their nature can be quite hard and it may take a few nights of sleeping on a buckwheat pillow to get used to the change.  It’s important to note the difference between firmness and hardness, they aren’t the same.  Buckwheat pillows are simply hard.

Cleaning And Caring For A Buckwheat Pillow

We briefly touched on how to clean a buckwheat pillow earlier.  But we found it fairly important to touch on it a bit more, since water and buckwheat hulls do not mix.  When cleaning a buckwheat pillow you want to remove the buckwheat from the shell and put that off to the side and clean and dry the pillow casing or shell.  The other thing to think about and be mindful of, is you want to avoid contact with water.  So for example, if you take a shower and your hair is slightly damp and you lay down on a buckwheat pillow, if the water and moisture from your hair comes in contact with the buckwheat that can cause dampness or moisture inside the pillow and cause the buckwheat to develop odors and or rot the buckwheat.

Buckwheat Pillow Reviews

Qbedding PiloMio 100% Cotton Quilted Adjustable Buckwheat Hull Pillow

qbedding-pilomio-buckwheat-pillowQbedding PiloMio is a queen sized pillow, that is filled with 100% organic buckwheat hulls, that are naturally hypoallergenic.  You can refill the buckwheat or add or subtract buckwheat to give you an ideal firmness and loft to your pillow.  It has a removable 100% cotton quilted pillowcase and inner buckwheat hull bag, that you can easily remove when you want to wash the pillow case shell.  If you are looking for a good quality buckwheat pillow, that also is luxurious and looks good, then this is a great option.

Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow – Queen Size

beans72-organic-buckwheat-pillowsBeans72 is a 100% organic buckwheat pillow that comes in a variety of sizes from a smaller traditional Japanese size to a regular queen sized pillow.  The pillowcase itself is made of 100% unbleached cotton fabric, that is great to sleep on and quite soft, but is also washing machine friendly.  The nice thing about the Beans72 organic buckwheat pillows, is the fact that the manufacture also sells replacement buckwheat hulls.  So you don’t have to go to another supplier and worry about the quality of the buckwheat you are purchasing.  If you want to wash the pillowcase and replace all of the buckwheat or if you simply want to add more buckwheat to have a loftier pillow, you can now easily do that.

Comfy Comfy – ComfySleep Buckwheat Pillow 

comfy-comfy-buckwheat-pillowsThe Comfy Comfy buckwheat pillow is based on a traditional Japanese design, and has a quality YKK invisible zipper, that allows you to refill or add buckwheat to give you the perfect firmness pillow.  While this particular buckwheat pillow does cost a bit more than the other ones we have reviewed, it is made right here in the USA.  Mennonite women, from a farming community in NY assemble each of the zippered shells, and then a husband and wife team fill up the pillows.  What really impressed us was the quality materials, for example YKK zippers are some of the best zippers you can buy, they last for decades and do cost a bit more than other cheaper inferior zippers. They also come in four different sizes, so you can find the perfect pillow size for your bedding needs.

Hullo Buckwheat Pillow (Standard Size – 20×26″)

Hullo-buckwheat-pillowHullo Buckwheat pillows come in three different sizes, a small, standard and king size. Their buckwheat is grown and milled in the USA and their pillows are sewn and made in the Minnesota. Like most traditional buckwheat pillows, the Hullo offers fantasic support and is great for individuals with spine or neck issues who have had problems using traditional down or feather pillows or even memory foam pillows in the past.  The pillow itself is refillable, and has a zippered opening that you can easily add more buckwheat to the pillow through.  We would have given it five stars, because it is a quality pillow made from quality products, but it is one of the most expensive buckwheat pillows we have reviewed, and felt that the higher price knocked off one star.  Overall we just found that the Comfy Comfy pillow offered a similar quality construction and slightly more affordable pricing.

Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow – As Seen on Tv, Queen

Sobakawa-Buckwheat-PillowWe had received a few comments from individuals asking us to review the Sobakawa Buckwheat pillow, so we decided to include it in our list.  First things first, it’s a 100% organic buckwheat pillow, with a sewn shut outer shell made up of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.  This pillow was our least favorite, only earning three stars out of five.  There were a few problems with it and why we would not highly recommend this product.  First it makes absolutely no sense why they wouldn’t include a zipper on this pillow, it makes the pillow itself virtually un-washable and you cannot even add buckwheat to it if you want to make it more firm or lofty.  Second of all the company itself doesn’t say where they get their buckwheat from and there can be quality control issues there.  There are just so many other options that cost around the same amount of money, that do have zippers and have 100% cotton covers, that this particular pillow just doesn’t warrant a five or even four star review.


If you are looking for an adjustable pillow that is also great for a variety of sleep positions, whether back, side or stomach, that is naturally hypoallergenic and comes from organic materials, then buckwheat pillows are a fabulous option.  Buckwheat pillows have been used in Asian countries for decades, because they provide support and firmness and are great at helping to line up your head, neck and shoulders.  There of course are some drawbacks to buckwheat pillows, mainly they can be a bit noisy and you have to be careful that you don’t allow the buckwheat hulls to come in contact with water or moisture, but there are far more benefits to them.

comfy-comfy-buckwheat-pillowsIn terms of selecting our top pick for the best buckwheat pillow for 2017, that was rather easy.  Hands down the Comfy Comfy – ComfySleep Buckwheat Pillow, provided not only one of the best quality buckwheat pillows, but it was priced exceptionally well.  From the solid fabric 100% cotton outer cover, to the YKK zippers and quality USA construction, this particular buckwheat pillow was hands down the best.  We always like products where we know the source of the product and what goes into it and can see, feel and tell it’s a quality product.  And the Comfy Comfy buckwheat pillow does not disappoint, it is an all around quality product.