Air Mattress Pros And Cons

If you are wondering if you should buy an air mattress over another type of mattress and what are the benefits and drawbacks of air mattresses or air bed’s, then this article is for you.  Air mattresses have been around for a long time, they were first used primarily for camping and recreational use, since they elevated you off the ground, could be deflated and easily transported and provided a lot more support than a foam pad.  Since then inflatable mattresses or air mattresses have really been brought into the 21st century with the inflatable air bed and built in automatic pumps.

By the end of this article we hope to have answered your original question of “Whether you should purchase an air bed?” or “Is an air mattress recommended for my sleep needs?”  So take a few moments to briefly read over the pros and cons of air mattresses and maybe head over to our air mattress reviews to get a close up look at our top air mattress picks for 2017.

Air Mattress Pros

Aerobed-opticomfort-air-mattress1. No Sagging – Since air mattresses have an inner bladder that inflates with air that you sleep on, there is no internal foams or springs to wear out, so there is no sagging that can occur with an air mattress.  This means that if properly maintained an air mattress should last you well over 10+ years.

2. Adjustable Firmness – One fantastic thing about sleeping on an air bed or air mattress, is the fact that you can adjust the firmness of your air mattress either on the handy inflation dial or by inflating or deflating your air mattress.  Compared to memory foam or latex mattresses that you have one desired firmness level and it’s not easy to change the firmness, air beds are pretty great and unique.

3. Odor Free- As you probably learned out-gassing can occur on some types of memory foam and even latex mattresses when you first get them.  While the odor only lasts for a few days, it can be bothersome to some individuals.  Since air mattresses are made out of PVC, they are naturally odor free! So you can sleep on them right out of the box and not get a whiff of any foul odors.

4. Quick Inflation- If you purchase an air bed or air mattress for home use and it has a built in pump, you can inflate the mattress in well under 5 minutes.  It’s a huge time saver and great convenience to have.

5. Lightweight – Whether you get an air mattress that you pack away for camping or have a bed in a bag type air mattress that you use at home, air mattresses are incredibly light weight and can be transported easily.

6. Storage- Air beds or air mattresses are ideal for guest room uses or when you have company spending a few nights over.  They can be stored in your closet, taken out of the bag, unrolled and fully inflated in under the amount of time that it takes you to brew a cup of coffee.

7. Bed For Couples – One unique thing about some air mattresses is the fact that they can have two chambers on each side of the bed, this allows you to not transfer motion between your partner as well as adjust the firmness on each side of the bed.

8. Great For Bed Bug Elimination – Bed bugs!!! Gross it’s something that can get you running for the hills or your partner wanting to check into a hotel ASAP.  One great thing about air mattresses is the fact that they can be completely wiped down and while bed bugs can still hide between the seams, it makes it a lot easier to check and clean your bed.  Air beds are also ideal if you want to send your mattresses out to get professionally steam cleaned and treated, for a bed bug infestation.  Sleeping on an air mattress for a few days and checking for any site of bed bugs, can save you a fortune over staying at a hotel.

9. Cost Effective- Did we mention the price? Compared to all other mattress types, air mattresses are one of the cheapest, most affordable mattress options available.

Air Mattress Cons

1. Air Mattress Punctures And Leaks – Since an air mattress is basically a bladder that is inflated to your desired firmness that you sleep on, it’s susceptible to punctures and leaks. Most of the air mattresses are quite durable and it takes a sharp object to poke into it, but it can happen and you need to patch the puncture and leak to fix it.

2. Shorter Warranties – While a properly maintained air mattress or air bed can outlast a memory foam or innerspring mattress, most of the manufactures simply do not warranty their products for very long.  It is not uncommon to get a 90 day to 1 year warranty on an air mattress.

air-mattress-pump-electric3. Noisy Pump – Air mattresses when they are inflating and deflating can be a bit noisy.  It isn’t a huge problem since it really only applies when you are setting it up or backing it away and the vast majority of the higher end air beds for home use air fairly quiet.  It is still something to be aware of.

4. May Need To Purchase An External Pump- While virtually all of the air beds for home use come either with a built in pump or included pump.  There are some recreational or camping air mattresses, that you may need to purchase an external pump.  The good thing is that air pumps are super affordable and don’t cost more than $10-$20.


So you are probably wondering whether you should purchase an inflatable air mattress air bed for your use.  And the answer is probably yes, but just not as an alternative to a traditional mattress.  While air mattresses can be quite comfortable and durable, they will never provide the same support as a traditional mattress and bed.  The other thing to consider is the aesthetics of things.  Chances are you don’t want a rubber bed making up the focal point of your bedroom, regardless of whether you live with someone or are a bachelor.

So you maybe wondering why we recommended that you probably should get an air mattress? It’s simple, not only are they wonderful gifts for the holidays.  But having an inflatable mattress or air bed for when you have guest coming over, can be a life saver.  They can also be a great place for kids to play on and get off the ground, once they are past the toddler stage.  Kids really seem to enjoy the inflatable air beds, so it can serve a dual purpose.  When it comes to camping an inflatable air beds, once you have slept on an air mattress you will be sold, it’s so much more comfortable than sleeping on a pad or sleeping on the cold hard ground.

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