When it comes to buying a new mattress, there are a lot of different types of mattresses and even more brands.  Chances are you have arrived at Mattress Oracle, because you are confused at what type of mattress is right for your individual needs and need a little help and guidance to picking the perfect mattress for your bed.  We have taken all of the guesswork out of shopping for a new mattress, providing in-depth analysis and guides on all types of mattresses and have broken it conveniently down into, the different types of mattresses.  So regardless of whether you are looking for a traditional innerspring mattress, a luxurious and supper soft memory foam mattress or latex mattress if you have back or neck problems, we have you covered.  So take a bit of time, check out the various types of mattresses available and our top picks from each mattress.  At the end of the day, we want you to be extremely happy with your mattress and rest comfortably at night.

Memory Foam

lucid-plush-memory-foam-mattressMemory foam mattresses have quickly become one of the best selling mattresses on the market, the reason for the surge in memory foam mattresses are the fact that they cradle you and give you a feeling that you are sleeping on a cloud.  Memory foam mattresses are made from special foams, that react to your body’s heat as well as pressure and allow the mattress to create an indentation around your body.  Memory foam was originally designed by NASA for potential application in the space program, but never used.  That was until the bedding industry got the brilliant idea of using it in mattresses and were impressed with it’s qualities and support. Continue Reading.


innerspring-mattress-coilsThe innerspring mattress has by far been around the longest, it’s an affordable but also resilient design that provides plenty of support and comfort and also allows you to choose the firmness of the mattress.  Innerspring mattresses have hundreds of spring coils on the inside of the mattress, that help support you and also provide a bit of cradling as well.  On top of the innerspring mattress is either a layer of foam or even memory foam, providing additional comfort.  And they generally have some type of quilted cotton cover to give the mattress a luxurious feeling.  Continue Reading.


plushbeds-botanical-bliss-latex-mattressLatex mattress are some of the most highly rated mattresses you can buy if you suffer from back problems.  They are supper firm and provide plenty of support and help to keep your back aligned.  In fact many doctors and chiropractors recommend latex mattresses for patients suffering from back problems.  The latex mattress material itself is either 100% natural and organic coming from a rubber tree or synthetic or a mixture of the two, so it is important to fully know what you are purchasing since latex mattresses can vary in quality and price quite a bit.  Continue Reading.

Air Mattress

intex-comfort-plush-elevated-air-mattressAn air mattress is a rubber bed that you can inflate with air to either act as a temporary bed in a spare room or to take with you when you go camping.  Air mattresses have gained in popularity over the recent years, with higher quality air mattresses and built in electronic pumps, making them great for families who maybe don’t have a guest room or want the flexibility that an air mattress can provide.  So if you are looking for a temporary mattress that you can store under your bed or in a closet when it’s not in use, then you may want to pick up an air mattress for the holidays when guests come over.  Continue Reading.

Mattress Toppers

memory-foam-solutions-mattress-topperIf you have an older style innerspring mattress and aren’t ready to throw it out just yet and want the benefits of a memory foam mattress than a mattress topper can help you achieve that.  Mattress toppers are generally made out of some type of memory foam and either 2-3 inches in height that go on top of your current mattress.  The benefit of mattress toppers, is they can not only extend the life of your bed, but if you have an extremely firm mattress, they can help to give you a much more soft and luxurious mattress.  They work on latex as well as innerspring mattresses and are a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand new bed.  Continue Reading.

Crib Mattress

simmons-beautyrest-crib-mattressWhen it comes to purchasing a new crib mattress for your baby, you really want to spend some time to make sure you are getting a quality mattress.  You maybe surprised but babies can typically spend up to 18 hours a day sleeping, so making sure they have a comfortable and safe mattress is very important.  Crib mattresses come in many different types, from innerspring mattresses, to latex or memory foam mattresses.  Some of the crib mattresses are even reversible, since it’s important that your baby have a firm mattress when they are young, to protect against SIDS.  But as your child grows and matures and reaches the toddler stage, they can start to use a memory foam mattress which offers additional comfort and having a reversible mattress allows you to utilize the same mattress up until the time they are ready to transition to a regular child sized bed.  Continue Reading.


egyptian-bedding-goose-down-pillowWhen it comes to getting a great nights sleep, having the proper pillow can be just as important as having the right mattress.  There are many different types of pillows on the market, from everything from buckwheat pillows for individuals who have neck or shoulder problems, to down and feather pillows for individuals who want that supper soft comfortable feeling and the ability to fluff up and get loft from their pillow.  You would actually be surprised at how many different types of pillows there are, that is why we have reviewed hundreds of pillows to come up with some of the best quality pillows available.  So regardless of whether you are looking for a latex pillow, to provide support for your head, neck and shoulders or a super soft memory foam pillow, we have you covered.  Continue Reading.